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Telco Solutions


telcoWith more than 20 years in the field of telecommunication, ISTT is one of the strongest local SI in Vietnam market, mostly focusing on the core network. Being strategic partner of world leading technology solution providers, such as Oracle CGBU, Sonus Networks, Allot Communications, Anritsu, HPE, etc…   we are proud to be a golden gate to Vietnam telco market and a trusted solution partner of top three Vietnam’s CSPs.




I.T Solutions


pexels-photo-90807-itI.T and Telecom convergence is no longer a technology trend, it is reality now. We are providing end-to-end solutions for telco, banking, government and education customers, focusing on deep packet inspection, cybersecurity, big data analytics, etc… With valued partners,  ISTT aims to be a technology bridge between Vietnam and the world.




Services & Support


We provide best-of-breed professional services including consulting,  implementation & 24/7 technical support.