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About Us

About Us


Founded in July 2001, after more than 20 years of operation and development, Information Services & Technology Transfer Co., Ltd (ISTT) has been achieving the position of leading integrated solution provider in the field of Information Technology and Telecommunications in Vietnam.

The support and encourage of the world’s major partners, with experienced staffs, and the strategic direction of the Board of Directors, ISTT has been always confident in the capacity and ability to bring huge benefits for customers and partners.

Vision And Strategy

ISTT aims to provide comprehensive technology solutions, effective and consistent with the system’s requirements which bring the highest satisfaction for customers, maintain and develop the strong relationships in business.

With our strong and stable financial foundation, experienced and leading business partner with systems worldwide, ISTT is proud of bringing our customers the optimal solution, the product quality High in the IT & Telecommunications market.

ISTT is committed to developing strategies to modernize information systems of government, customer satisfaction is the most difficult to conquer the Vietnam IT& Telecommunication market.

ISTT’s Orientation is to focus in building and developing the total solution for state management unit and large enterprise systems, providing information systems solutions package from bone network live (backbone), media messages (email), Internet / Intranet applications and operating management support. In order to provide a total solution, ISTT also invested in providing software applications, by working with vendors and local software  developers and the world. Provided knowledge management application is developed on different platforms; the storage products and e-commerce applications. In addition, the company is willing to provide the applications and systems integration services required by customers in the field of business management. Regarding Customer satisfaction is most important goal of the company activities, ISTT has been continuously researched, learned and listened, focused on improving the quality of service to bring satisfaction to customers.

Quality System

ISTT aims at providing comprehensive technology solutions, effective and consistent with the requirements of the system to bring customers the highest satisfaction, maintaining and developing in the goal of win win strategy relationships. ISTT quality management has been set up since 2009 which complied to ISO 9001-2008.